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Amadeus First Hong Kong – FAQ

1.       What is Amadeus First?

Amadeus First is a loyalty club for Amadeus Hong Kong’s customers (travel agents).


2.       Does membership cost?

Amadeus First membership is free of charge.


3.       What are the benefits of joining Amadeus First?

Members can earn points for every ticketed and flown segment made using Amadeus Selling Platform. The points can be used to redeem attractive gifts and there will be many promotions to reward members.


4.       Who can become a member?

Any travel consultant/agent that is employed at a travel agency in Hong Kong or Macau who uses Amadeus Selling Platform and have obtained permission from their management can be a member.


5.       What are the procedures to register membership?

Once you have obtained approval from the management of your travel agency, you can fill in the online registration form and agree with the terms and condition in order to become a member. You will thereafter receive a registration email informing you of your membership number. Important: Keep a record of your membership number.


6.       What happens if I forget my membership number or password?

Your registration email contains your membership number and password.

If you cannot find that, you can click “Forgot password” in the login page of Amadeus First.


7.       How do points get accumulated for the bookings I make?

You can gain points for the bookings you make by:

1)      Queuing the booking (with active segments) to Amadeus Hong Kong’s QUEUE 77 in the “Remarks field” together with your Amadeus First membership number. Do this for every booking you want to collect points for.



Tips: Use smartkey to save these commands to save time in future bookings.


Command 1:           >[RM*AMA 1234567]                                                                                                                                               

                                              Remarks*Amadeus [space] Your membership number

                                              (Note: there is empty space between AMA and your membership number)



                                             Remember to save remarks with ‘received from’


Command 2:          >[QE/HKG1A0980/77]      

                               Queue/ Amadeus HK’s OID/ Queue number 77                          


2)      Points for queued segments will be on “pending” (PD) status until the ticket is issued and the first segment in the booking is flown.

3)      Points status will then change to “OK” after the first flown date and the points are awarded to members.


8.       How many points is one segment worth?

Currently, one segment is worth 10 points for both hotel and air bookings. Amadeus Hong Kong may change this rate from time to time.


9.       How do I check the points I have gained?

You can login to Amadeus First anytime and check “Status Points Report” for points details.


10.   What happens if certain segments are cancelled after I queued them to Amadeus First?

Segments that are cancelled will not be taken into consideration for awarding points.


11.   Will I be awarded points for segments queued to Amadeus First after the first departure date in booking?

The system cannot award points to segments that have already past in time. Your points will start counting from the first departure date queued to the system.


12.   How do I redeem gifts?

After achieving the points required for a specific gift, you can order your desired gift from the “List of gifts.” You will then receive an email notification of your order. It will take about 3-4 weeks before the order is ready for pick up at Amadeus office. Gifts have to be collected by the member in person or by someone authorised by the member. Company stamp is needed for collection.


13.   What happens to my accumulated points if change employment to another travel agency?

The points are personal and will follow you to your new travel agency but you will have to update your profile information and inform Amadeus staff about this change or your new points may be invalid.


14.   Is there an expiry date for the accumulated points?

Yes. Members are to redeem their points within a 24 calendar month period (starting from the day they registered as a member).