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Amadeus First Terms and Conditions


1.       FAQ

1.1.    Amadeus First (‘First’) is a loyalty program managed by Amadeus Hong Kong Limited (‘Amadeus’) to reward domestic (see section 2.1. for applicable locations) travel agents for making their bookings in Amadeus Systems.

1.2.    First will be used for marketing communication purposes where promotions will be offered to members.

1.3.    Membership is free of charge.

1.4.    Amadeus reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


2.       Eligibility

2.1.    Membership is limited to individuals employed in travel agencies within the territory of Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China of which the employing agency have a valid Subscriber Agreement, Office-ID  and  Sign-in Code(s) with Amadeus.

2.2.    Applicants are required to be 18 years of age or above.

2.3.    Applicants need to obtain prior approval from the employing travel agency’s management before applying to become a First member. Membership may thereafter be granted by duly completing registration and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

2.4.    It is solely the applicant’s responsibility to attain approval, where necessary, from their employing travel agency to participate in First. Amadeus is not liable for any internal conflict(s) that may arise between travel agency and its employers in relation to First membership.  

2.5.    Amadeus reserves the right to refuse membership to any person for any reason without providing reason for rejection.


3.       Membership                            

3.1.    A unique membership number will be assigned to each member upon registration.

3.2.    Membership is personal, each individual may only maintain and manage one account.  

3.3.    Membership account, segments or points accrued cannot be transferred, bequeathed or combined with the account, segments or points of any another person, neither can it be exchanged for cash in any way whatsoever.

3.4.    It is the member’s duty to update his/her personal details and change of employment to another travel agency in First and to inform Amadeus of these changes. Amadeus bares no responsibilities for disputes that may arise in relation to non-updated or inaccurate information stated by the member. 


4.       Points

4.1.    The basis of calculation for First are the points accredited to member’s account. The points are awarded based on ticketed (or issued) and flown segments made in Amadeus Systems.  Active segments that have been queued to First’s designated queue and are ticketed will be converted into points eligible for redemption after the first departure date listed in the Personal Name Record (PNR).

4.2.    In order to enable points accumulation, segments in passenger’s PNR must be queued to Amadeus Hong Kong Queue 77 (QE/HKG1A0980/77).

4.3.    No points will be awarded to segments that fail to be queued to Queue 77.

4.4.    No points will be awarded to cancelled or passive segments.

4.5.    No points will be awarded to expired segments and segments that have not complied with prescribed requirements. Segments that are sent to Queue 77 after first departure date of the PNR are considered expired segments and no points will be awarded for those segments.

4.6.    One segment, air or hotel, currently equates to 10 points in First. Amadeus reserves the rights to change the rate a segment is worth or the conditions to gain points in First without prior notice.

4.7.    Points are personal and may only be used for the purposes prescribed and stated in First terms and conditions or Amadeus marketing communications.

4.8.    Points are granted at Amadeus’ discretion and are not properties of members. Amadeus reserves the right to decide whether points are to be rewarded, deducted and at what amount. In the case of dispute, Amadeus’ decision shall be final.


5.       Points Redemption

5.1.    Upon reaching required balance, members may use points to redeem gifts offered on First Website.

5.2.    Upon request for gift redemption, at least 3-4 weeks is required to process these orders from the first day it was submitted.

5.3.    Points will be automatically deducted from overall balance once order has been placed.

5.4.    All gifts or rewards are subject to availability. Amadeus has no obligation in ensuring that member will receive the requested gift when stock is not available and reserves the right to replace the gift with something of same or similar value.  

5.5.    Once gift redemption order has been submitted, it cannot be exchanged, refunded, sold or converted into cash in any manner whatsoever.

5.6.    Ordered gift(s) needs to be collected at the latest 2 calendar months from the date member has been notified that the order is ready for pick-up, or order will expire and gift(s) cannot be reclaimed.


6.       Audit

6.1.    Amadeus reserves the right to audit any and all First accounts at any time for compliance with these terms and conditions and for market research purposes.


7.       Expiry

7.1.    Any points not redeemed within 24 calendar months after the day member successfully accrues the first point in the membership account will expire and can no longer be used for redemption or reward purposes.

7.2.    Any account that has remained inactive (no segments created) for 24 calendar months will be deemed dormant and Amadeus has the right to close the account permanently.


8.       Breach

8.1.    Any failure to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein, abuse of program privileges and rules, creation of false booking segments, misrepresentation of information furnished by the member to Amadeus, impersonation of another member’s identity, colluding with others to accrual points dishonestly, commission of an illegal act or misconduct of the member may result in deduction or cancellation of points, suspension or termination of membership.  

8.2.    Amadeus reserves the right to freeze an account in the case of any suspicions of unusual account activity during the time required for investigation.


9.       Personal Data

9.1.    By agreeing to the terms and conditions, each applicant consents that he/she does not object to his/her personal data being used for the following purposes:

9.1.1.     processing the application for First;

9.1.2.     verifying any information and records relating to First;

9.1.3.     enforcing and exercising Amadeus’ rights under this Agreement;

9.1.4.     the regular management, operation and the maintenance of the First system, including  audit;

9.1.5.     designing new or improving existing services provided by Amadeus and its affiliates for customer's use;

9.1.6.     marketing of goods and/or services by Amadeus or any of Amadeus’ selected business partners;

9.1.7.     communication from Amadeus to the member;

9.1.8.     investigation of complaints, suspicious transactions and research for service

9.1.9.     prevention or detection of crime; and

9.1.10. disclosure as required by law

9.2.    Personal data here includes information about applicant’s name, company and contact details (such as title, telephone number, e-mail address and postal address).

9.3.    Each member is responsible for protecting their own membership number and password from disclosure to unauthorised third parties.

9.4.    By selecting “agree” to the general terms and conditions, the applicant acknowledges that he/she understands and agrees to the stated terms here and declares that the information provided by himself/herself are true and accurate.


10.   Severability

10.1. In the event that any provisions of the above arrangements are legally invalid either wholly or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


11.   Applicable Jurisdiction

11.1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China


12.   Termination

12.1. Members can terminate their membership any time by providing written notice (by email) to Amadeus.

12.2. Upon termination, all accumulated points will cease to be effective and can no longer be used to redeem gifts or any incentives. Once account terminates, points cannot be revived.